Tips on Posting an Ad

Tips on Posting an Ad

Writing an effective title

You should make sure your title looks serious, informative (encompassing the very main points), and develops curiosity in your prospective buyer so that he is tempted to click to see the details page of the ad. For example, if you are selling your car you could use: 'For Sale Toyota Camry 3 years old Blue color'.

A poor example would be: 'Car for Sale'. This does not explain anything about your car, and it appears that you have not put enough effort to post your ad, and somewhat creates the impression that you are taking the selling of your item lightly.


Writing an effective description

This is the place where you want to provide each and every possible detail regarding your item or service or want, that may be of interest to the person reading your ad. Try to answer all the queries that may come in the mind of the prospective buyer - what he is likely to ask about the product before buying. Putting your details in a pointwise manner may make it easier to read. There is a 1000 word limit for description. Try to utilise it as much as possible. Do not be content with posting a 2 or 3 line description. It is more than likely that you will have further conversations between you and the buyer, but if the description does not appeal to your potential buyer then he may not contact you in the first place.


What else do I need to do?

Wherever possible always include as many photos as possible, this is because people like to see what they are thinking about buying before buying the item. You are allowed to post 5 pictures, try to post all five of them, from various angles or depicting various aspects of your item. Do not post a single picture in all 5 slots, it does not look nice, and multiple same photos will be deleted.

Be prepared in advance to post your ad, with the descrition and title ready in a notepad and all the pictures you intend to post ready in a folder.

Make sure you post your ad in the most appropriate category. This is of paramount importance because most site visitors browse items by clicking on categories. If your ad is not in the appropriate category, the potential buyer will simply not come across it, however well written the ad might be.

If you are comfortable with revealing your address and phone number, include it in the ad. That shows authenticity.